Now is the time to ACTIVATE your wristbands for the Seabreeze Jazz Festival!  Your wristband is both your ticket inside the show AND your digital wallet.  We like to call them "Jazz Bands".


The Seabreeze Jazz Festival is a completely cashless event...meaning ALL SALES inside the show (food, drink, and merchandise) are done through the "magic" of your Jazz Band on your wrist! No cash will be taken inside the festival. You simply scan your Jazz Band and tap to confirm to make a purchase at the festival. The system is VERY QUICK. And that's the point. Less time standing in line means more time to enjoy what you came for:




Now is the time for you to set up your Cashless Account and get ready for the "Ultimate Weekend of Smooth Jazz". The process is easy. And once you're set up -- you can go straight to the fun when you arrive at the festival.


Download our free mobile app and manage your Jazz Bucks right from your phone. No more standing in line to add money to your wristband. See your balance ...and add funds RIGHT FROM YOUR CHAIR while you watch the show.


GET FREE MONEY! can earn FREE JAZZ BUCKS for spending at the show. Get $5 added to your account for every $100 you preload now through April 23rd. That's $5 extra Jazz Bucks to use and spend at the show!


Click here to get started: Intellipay



For more information on the Jazz Bucks Cashless System, and how the RFID encoded wristbands can work best for you.... go to HOME



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